Welcome to Farrington Scents

Bath and Beauty products to make you feel good and pampered.

They are made using the highest quality ingredients to benefit your skin. 

These are all cruelty and SLS free and scented with essential oils and fragrances. 

Home Fragrances

Wax melts and candles made from natural wax and fragrances

 Fill your home with lovely aroma's and feel relaxed and cosy

 All items are handcrafted in small batches in my studio in Chatteris, Cambridgeshire and not mass produced.

My packaging is eco-friendly and fully recyclable. 

Special occasion orders such as gift hampers, wedding favours, birthday's, baby shower's are also welcome, please contact me with your requirements.



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Free postage on orders over £25 Uk only.  Large orders may be delivered via a courier.

Standard class postage £3.20

on orders under £25

Uk Post Only

Due the Coronvirus please allow a bit extra time for parcels to be delivered. Due to the Post Offices working at shorter hours and less staff. 

For all orders for next day posting. Please have orders placed by 5pm the night before. If not it will be the next working day. On weekends and bank holidays it will be on the next working day. 


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2021 News

Covid News

I take great pride in my hygiene and cleanliness. Extra precautions are in place with extra cleaning and hand washing.

Bath Bombs Now Available. More Will Be Added Soon.

Beard Oil and Conditioner Bars Coming Soon.




2021 Stockists, Workshops & Events

There is several shops who stock my items in the local area to see more details Click here



I have started booking events for Christmas to see more details 

Click Here


I have 2 workshops available to book to see  more details. 

Click here