About us.

Hi my name is Elizabeth. Farrington Scents is my small business which was launched on the 18th March 2018. I wanted to introduce myself and let you know a bit more about my business and why, I started it. 

For many years I have melted wax melts and burned candles many what was mass produced. Something I wasnt happy about. 

My husband Mark brought me some products for me to have a go at for my new years eve present. This is something we have done since we got married. 

I then ordered more items and equipment. There I started making melts testing lots of fragrances. I loved it and thought I could do this as a business. Farrington Scents was launched on the 18th March 2018. It has gone from strength to strength growing faster than I ever thought. Im loving it knowing people are loving my melts and candles.

 I have now launched soaps, shave bars and shampoo bars. More products will be added in the coming months.  

Im really passionate about my products by finding high quality ingrediants. I really like to be eco-friendly as much as possible. Most of my packaging is either recycable or biodegradable. I use ingrediants which are SLS free , cruelty free and many are vegan friendly. This is really important to me . 

I’m  really happy with the support I am getting from customers and the feedback has been fantastic. I sell via my website,  Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Six outlets in Cambridgeshire and Norfolk. Please see my stockist page for more details. I do events and home parties in my local area. 

Im really happy as Farrington Scents is now my full time business.

Thank you for visiting my website

Elizabeth x